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Ardor Fire Protection

Ardor Fire Protection, LLC is a SDVOSB and MBE certified company headquartered in St. Louis Mo. Ardor Fire Protection specializes in the installation, testing and maintenance of sprinkler fire protection systems.  Ardor Fire is capable of both large and small projects that require design, permits, fabrication and installation. Ardor Fire has specialized in health care type projects, among others. 


Our team is also devoted to providing customers with quality service and maintenance through our dedicated staff and professionally trained and skilled service fitters. Ardor Fire can assist you in ensuring your fire sprinkler system will perform when needed by performing inspections of your water based wet and dry pipe fire protection system in accordance with NFPA 25.


Ardor Fire Protection offers services in design, installation, testing, inspection, and repair of: Wet and Dry Systems, Standpipe Systems, Back-flow Systems, Fire Pumps, Deluge Systems, Foam/Water Systems and Fire Hydrants Underground Piping Repair.


We offer: 24-hour Emergency Service Inspections in accordance with NFPA 25 and local Authority Having Jurisdiction, including: Quarterly, Semi-Annual and Annual Inspections,System Flushing, 5 Year Internal Assessment Obstruction Investigations, Testing of Foam, Antifreeze, and Sprinkler Heads.


We provide Service, testing and Repair of virtually all makes and models of water-based and dry pipe fire protection systems and back flow preventers, Maintaining your business Inspection History as well as

filling of Test and Inspections with your local Authority Having Jurisdiction.


                                      Please contact the Service Department at (314) 565-1518

Ardor Fire Protection, LLC Protecting property and lives through fire sprinkler protection is our passion.

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